Dylan Parkhouse

Kellerberrin District, WA

The Parkhouse family grows about 4200 ha of wheat, canola, barley and lupins under a min-till, 13.5 m controlled traffic system at ‘Parklands’, in the Kellerberrin District about 140 km east of Northam. At the age of just 24, Dylan Parkhouse has been thrown the keys to a state-of-the-art CLAAS LEXION 8800 combine harvester that has taken the harvesting efficiency of his family’s large-scale cropping operation to even greater heights.

Greg Curnow

Cascade, WA

The Curnow family grows more than 4800 ha of wheat, canola and faba beans across four properties based around ‘Grodon Downs’ at Cascade, 100 km north-west of Esperance. The decision to purchase two CLAAS LEXION 8700 combine harvesters has significantly improved the harvesting efficiency on the Curnow's large-scale cropping operation by harvesting more grain per hectare, more hectares per hour and more hours per day.

John Wallace

Neridup, WA

John and Narelle Wallace, together with their son and daughter-in-law, John ‘JJ’ and Caitlin Wallace, grow more than 6000 ha of wheat, canola and lupins each year in the Neridup region, approximately 35 km north-east of Esperance. When it comes to harvesting performance, ‘there’s no replacement for displacement’ according to John, who has recently taken delivery of not one but two of the largest combine harvesters in the world.

Kym Berry

Scaddan, WA

Scaddan district operation, ‘Stonava Downs’, took delivery of the 2023 configuration of the top-of-the-line CLAAS LEXION 8800 TERRA TRAC combine harvester last November, bolstering its existing fleet of four 2020 models.

Kym Berry, who is part of the ‘Stonava Downs’ team with a 14,000 ha cropping program, has accumulated more than 4000 operating hours on LEXION over the past decade.

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