New CONVIO Front

CLAAS CONVIO and CONVIO FLEX 1380, 1230 and 1080 draper fronts ensure smooth, reliable crop flow with minimal grain loss, even in lighter conditions or direct-cut canola.

CONVIO cutterbars provide the operator with a variety of assistance systems which can be operated from inside the cab. These include automatic reel torque control, automatic belt speed and AUTO CONTOUR FLEX, which ensures that the cutterbar is automatically adjusted to the optimal configuration.

Do More & Spend Less

The superior performance of CLAAS LEXION 700 combine harvester allows you to harvest more grain per hectare, cover more hectares per hour and operate for more hours per day.

Whichever way you look at it – cost per hour, cost per hectare or cost per tonne –CLAAS LEXION 700 sits on the right side of the ledger. Your local CLAAS Harvest Centre can show you the true cost of owning and operating a new CLAAS LEXION 700 combine harvester compared to your existing machine. Read more in our latest brochure:

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