Redefining Crop Flow Efficiency


The 450 mm accelerator drum in the APS SYNFLOW HYBRID starts an extremely efficient threshing process that allows you to achieve outstanding throughput rates. It accelerates the crop flow smoothly to as much as 20 m/s. In so doing, it generates a high centrifugal force which enables maximum separation performance across all concave areas.

Excellent Straw Quality


The APS SYNFLOW WALKER threshing system is gentle on the straw as a result of a particularly straight crop flow. This design means that the crop takes the shortest path through the threshing unit. The large diameter of the threshing and separator drums enables small contact angles and flat transitions between the drums. The outlet of the separator concave is larger than its inlet. The increasing width of the gap prevents the crop from building up and causing congestion. There is hardly any mechanical stress on the straw.

Maximise Throughput & Quality

CEMOS Automatic

Supported by the artificial intelligence of CEMOS AUTOMATIC, the LEXION autonomously determines the best setting for the field, continually adjusts the threshing, cleaning and separation settings for maximum throughput, grain quality, and fuel efficiency. Field testing has shown the CEMOS AUTOMATIC system to improve LEXION's performance by 10%.

More Intelligence for the Engine


DYNAMIC POWER automatically adjusts the engine output of your LEXION to the operating conditions. This means that you are always running with the most efficient power curve when operating under partial load and can save – during swathing, for example – up to 10% of fuel. At full load when the grain tank is being unloaded and the straw chopper is engaged, for example, maximum engine output is automatically maintained.

The Smart Solution


Based on a variable fan drive which is unique in the combine harvester sector, DYNAMIC COOLING adjusts its speed automatically and, above all, in accordance with the degree of cooling required. Regardless of outside temperature, DYNAMIC COOLING is able to cope easily. The system not only delivers reliable cooling but also uses a curtain-effect air flow to reduce the extent to which dust is able to rise. DYNAMIC COOLING requires 20 kW less engine output, thereby helping you to save fuel.

Award Winning Operator Assistance


The FIELD SCANNER sensor detects the height of the plants while the material feed height sensor in the feeder housing evaluates the crop flow. On the basis of these data, CEMOS AUTO HEADER actively controls the position of the reel and the VARIO cutterbar table. This results in an optimal crop feed at all times along with a significant reduction in the workload for the operator.

Connected Machines


CLAAS TELEMATICS helps you to analyse and optimise the work processes on your farm and cuts the amount of valuable time spent on maintenance.

New VARIO Cutterbar

A number of new features are now standard on the three widest CLAAS VARIO cutterbars that benefit performance, ease of operation, setup times and maintenance.

The CLAAS VARIO range of cutterbars are currently available in working widths from 5.0 to 13.8 m. However, it is the three largest working width versions, from 10.8 to 13.8 m, that have been updated with additional equipment and optimised standard features, including a new reel drive and improved access to the stripper bars for the intake auger.

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