More powerful, more productive.

The LEXION with APS threshing system and effective straw walker technology resulting in professional straw processing with SPECIAL CUT II and power spreading of straw over the entire working width. TERRA TRAC and tyre technology for optimal ground protection.

Increase throughput by 25%

The APS SYNFLOW WALKER threshing system opens up a new category in the straw walker combine harvester segment. It brings together the accelerated crop flow provided by APS with an additional separator drum after the threshing drum. In this way, you can benefit from exceptional throughput rates with excellent straw quality at the same time.

Technical specifications

  • Up to 20% more throughput with the APS SYNFLOW WALKER threshing system.
  • 11,000 litre grain tank, discharging rate up to 110 l/s.
  • TERRA TRAC and tyre technology for optimal ground protection.
  • Automatic guidance and TELEMATICS for convenient control and monitoring.
  • VARIO cutterbars in widths up to 10.67m optimise the crop flow.

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