Cliff Weier

Dalby, Qld

“The tracks mean we can operate a wide front at high speed without knocking the machine around. They have almost no footprint and they fit into our controlled traffic operation

so well.”

Derek Tiller

Pinery, SA

“A side-by-side demonstration showed we were saving a litre of fuel for every tonne harvested and losing at least a third less grain. It didn’t take long to figure out we would be able to save about $40,000 a year.”

Peter Bach

Bongeen, Qld

“The things you can do with this machine surpass any other combine I have ever driven. Everything about it is fast and efficient.”

Sam Downie

Hamilton, Tas

“We chose the LEXION 760 for its versatility. It’s got the capacity to handle heavy conditions or fast operating speeds. They can handle anything you throw at them.”

Sean Kennedy

Corop, Victoria

“CEMOS takes over when you’re tired – first thing in the morning or late at night – which is exactly the same time when LEXION is able to work harder than a single rotor combine.”

Simon Wheare

Ardrossan, SA

“The technology in these machines just gets better. We thought CRUISE PILOT was good but CEMOS AUTO is better again. It really is set and forget. We can put anyone in the machine and be confident of a good outcome.”

Todd Dowling

Popanyinning, WA

“Direct heading canola is the way of the future. We are achieving higher yields and oil content, and significantly reducing our operating costs by not having to swath.”

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